Why Drinking Coffee Could Possibly Be Bad For You

The world’s favourite wake-up call and smell could be the primary cause of trouble according to health experts. While it helps energize the body’s nervous systems, too much coffee could cause extreme mood swings, which is an effect of the coffee burning stored fat and feeding much energy in the body. Other effects of the body are the following.

1. Stress
Stress hormones such as cortisol and muscular tension can increase with each intake of coffee. While morning coffee drinks are good to harden the muscles and improve the alertness of the brain, too much coffee could cause indigestion, muscular tension and irritability.

2. Blood Sugar
Coffee contains sugar, and a sugar rush could energize a person and his or her nervous system primed for work, but a sugar crash within hours is highly expected. This could cause weight gain as excess sugar is stored as fat.

3. Hydrochloric Acid
Coffee increases the volume of hydrochloric acid in the body, which could cause ulcers if the drinker does not eat anything during the morning. It may cause heartburn and other possible chronic disorders.

4. Hormone Decrease
Hormones that keep the body young and healthy, such as Melatonin and sex-specific hormones, could decrease with the increased intake of coffee. It also dehydrates the body, which could dry up the skin.

How to Achieve Low Calorie Recipes

If you don’t care of your calorie intake, you could be letting yourself go, and health issues would soon follow. Low calorie recipes do exist, but sometimes, you want to experiment with your creativity. If you intend to create your own recipe, here are a few things that you should remember.

1. Lean Meats and Chicken
Fat is the biggest enemy in low calorie recipes. Oils used in cooking have fats as well. When you cook lean meat, chicken and other poultry, you stop consuming too much fat, and the oil you use in cooking is less likely to stick in your pan.

2. Skin and Fat
Aside from the obvious appearance of fat, the skin of pork, beef and chicken are very high in fat. As much as possible, only eat the leanest parts of the cuts. You could also trim them down on not so lean parts to make them a better source of protein.

3. Sugar
Sugar is a big source of calories, but you could always replace them with good nutmeg, vanilla or cinnamon to add flavour. Some sugar substitutes are also effective, even when baking.

4. Vegetables
Even if you consume lean meat on a regular basis, having vegetables will help balance your recipes. Use them in stews, casseroles and other dishes. Consuming vegetables daily in a tasty dish helps you get better nutrition while ensuring low calories.


The Pros and Cons of Audio Streaming

Have you found some good lyrics and beats from the FM station? You could listen to the song again online through audio streaming websites. Finding a good audio streaming website may reveal to you a world of convenience especially when you realize you could listen but you do not need to buy the track itself. However, there are some pros and cons regarding audio streaming.


You do not have to pay anything for most audio streaming websites, but they will work just like an FM station. You could request for the song and listen to it, but you may be made to wait for a limited time. Popular songs could also be limited only to members, but the one-time payment also allows you to download the song. You could find musicians, bands and genres you never thought of before. With audio streaming, you could tailor the music you need to your own needs.


The internet effectively shut down the “broadcast culture” which had made many musicians and bands rich and famous. Audio streaming can drive down album sales, which can spell the end of a band who lacks support but creates good music. Artists will now have to perform and encourage people to see and appreciate their talent. You will also need to pay some streaming websites for high quality versions especially when the song your listening to is radio-grade.

Foods That Help Your Memory and Mood

Distraction is a common thing nowadays. With many internet users losing their attention span, it is important that you know the right diet that helps your mood to help your memory and concentration improve. Here is a list of foods that can help you with such.

1. Fish and Meat
Eating fish and meat helps your body get the calories it needs. Calories are important because they help cells communicate nervous signals from cell to cell. Smoking, drinking and drugs normally hamper or even disconnect the communications between cells. Omega-3 from fish builds myelin, which helps boost mental performance.

2. Almonds, Beets, Rice
A diet of food rich in dopamine helps your mood improve. Diets rich in dopamine can help you become motivated as you gain enthusiasm, pleasure and drive. Lower levels of dopamine induce sadness, depression, irritation and boredom. Dark, unprocessed chocolate can also help pump up dopamine, which is why chocolate is a great dessert after a good meal.

3. Cabbages, Broccoli and Cauliflowers
Almost every vegetable in the green and leafy category can help boost your memory because they contain acetylcholine, which helps the brain generate more cells that generate and strengthen nervous cell connections. It also helps avoid the generation of stress hormones, which is linked to compulsive eating, and also helps with your digestion as they contain fibres.

Why it Helps to Eat Something Every Two Hours

Eating is a basic need of any human and we often think that by skipping meals our body will become thinner. It will make any individual thinner, but it does not guarantee the proper distribution of muscle and fat in the body. We might think we’re getting thinner, but we are just starving ourselves and depriving our body of proper resources. Well, you might not believe it, but eating something every two hours can make you thinner.

I have basic meals every breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in between these, I insert two hour eating intervals. I would often grab a whole-wheat bread tuna sandwich from the kitchen, or cook up some left-over chicken to go with my chips as I continue working or relaxing at home.

I know it sounds like a bad diet, but if you combine it with enough metabolism-improvement exercises, you burn all that you ate and help improve your body’s figure.

However, your diet should be composed of protein and just enough carbohydrates. Protein helps in the development of your muscles, carbohydrates help your body have enough energy to support your mental and physical capacities. Every two hours, go for a high-protein snack bar, chips or even oatmeal if you will.

Eating every two hours also improves your body’s metabolism. An idle metabolism cannot break down food as fast as you intend, having your body store the fat at incorrect places and forget to use them when needed.

Don’t Rush to Work or Else You Whiplash Yourself

The rush hours are becoming very bad on a daily basis with a great number of vehicles purchased on a daily basis. With heavy traffic, cars continue to get stuck on roads going to work. Color-coding just makes you angrier and when the green light shows, we all rush off like madmen trying to beat the first mark of official work time.

I often rushed to work driving my vehicle. I drove like action stars in movies; evading other vehicles while I sped up. I kept it at the maximum speed limit, but sometimes, short burst and some traffic police evasive knowledge keeps me on time. One morning, it had me end up in a hospital bed instead of my designing table.

I smashed right into the rear of a supply truck, which had both of us spinning in different directions. I woke up in a hospital bed with my wife beside me, looking worried and on the verge of tears. She hired a no win no fee whiplash compensation claims expert to help because aside from a broken knee, I also suffered whiplash and other injuries, which the expert can cover.

However, the truck’s company and authorities had pinned the blame on me for obvious reasons, but my claims expert pointed out that the truck driver was also driving in the wrong lane. Thank God for these legal professionals. It was also evident in the police report that the truck driver was in the wrong lane where my vehicle should have passed.

But our compensation got reduced to £12,000 because of my own violation of traffic rules, namely speed.

From that day on, I drove slowly and I had learned to be patient in traffic, and also in many things. It was certainly a life lesson I could not easily forget.

How to Improve your Metabolism the Right Way

Eating is an important part of any person’s daily life, but eating too much could result to weight increases and physical altercations caused by fat deposits in the body. However, some people could eat all they could and not put on some weight. Metabolism varies from one person to the other and improving it, meaning speeding it up or slowing it down, is by exercise and eating right.


1. Metabolism Speed
Stress and exercise affect metabolism speeds in a healthy or unhealthy way. Genetics also has its own say regarding your metabolism. If you’re stressed and not getting enough sleep, your body burns up more resources to keep you afloat throughout the day. If you’re getting intense exercise, your body also burns up your fat and develops your muscles. Calorie increases are a great way to lessen your metabolism speed.

2. Proper Meals
Experts agree that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to speed up your metabolism, but if you want to lose or gain weight properly, eating proper meals is the key. If you want to slow down your metabolism, you should eat high calorie but low fat meals. High calorie meals give you enough to gain, but fat could affect your cardiovascular system. Eating enough fibre and burning off more calories than you eat per day could speed up your metabolism.

3. Sleeping Time
Metabolic rates drop when you sleep, which is why for people with slow metabolism, sleeping right after eating is ill-advisable. Simple carbohydrates can also slow down metabolism, contributing to weight gain.

Will Skipping Dessert Help Anybody?

People have a love and hate relationship with dessert because it tastes very good especially after a hearty meal and because it has a very high calorie count. Calories end up in the waistlines, which leave many people looking bulky and chubby with too much dessert. However, is it really right to consider skipping dessert all the time?

Experts say that a small dessert cannot hurt anybody. As long as you don’t take hearty desserts on a daily basis, or you only have small candy bars for desserts once a day, your diet can’t get hurt.

There are low calorie and sugar free alternatives to desserts that you could whip up on a daily basis. You can even pick up each recipe’s ingredient’s at a local supermarket.

According to dieticians, the most important part of eating is being wise about what you eat. Knowing about fat, calories, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients absorbed by the body when you it helps define its physical appearance and its healthiness. Skipping dessert is not enough.

Dessert should be seen as a privilege; as much as you would not want fat in your diet every day, so does the need to limit dessert. Allow yourself to live life once in a while, but stick to discipline if you want to see positive results from your own self-control and your physical appearance.

The Healthy Benefits of Glycerine

Glycerine is made from animal or vegetable fat mixed with lye and is often used to make non-oil based soap and body wash products. However, glycerine is more than just something to help make your skin healthier; it could also help you reduce the sugar levels in your body along with other interesting properties.

1. Enzymes and other nutrients
To have an anti-bacterial and efficient cleaning nature, most oil-based soaps make use of denatured alcohol. However, alcohol sterilizes and denatures including the living cells in some soaps. These cells have health benefits, such as enzymes and other nutrients produced by the living cells.

2. Encapsulation
When taking a bath, glycerine does not denature or sterilize; it merely encapsulates compounds on your skin. This helps to reduce precipitation and helps in slowing down your body’s oxidation when taking a bath or using it as soap. Instead of sterilizing, encapsulation allows bacteria and moisture spores to live, but be dehydrated and effectively removed from the body.

3. Natural Taste
Glycerine is also useful as a substitute sweetener because of its sweet but non-sugar characteristics. Glycerine also preserves the natural taste of what you use it with. Your coffee will definitely taste a lot better and safer for your health as well.

Why Go With Skim Milk On Your Diet?

Fatty milk is beneficial because it provides you vitamins A, B, D and E as these are fat-soluble. When you’re drinking skim milk, not only does it taste different, but you also lose these vitamins. Many say that skim milk is bad for your diet, but in reality, it actually works for different people. Here are a few things you need to know.

1. Fat Content
Fat in whole milk is saturated animal fat, similar to what you find on burgers, steaks and other fatty foods. It raises your blood cholesterol. Your calorie content is also higher when you drink whole milk. Skim milk is naturally low calorie and you get a whole lot of the nutrients milk brings you, except those mentioned earlier.

2. Protein and Calcium
Fat-free milk lowers your cholesterol and ensures your body gets its proper amount of protein and calcium. Protein is highly useful for bodybuilding and repairing muscles damaged by strenuous activities. Calcium supplements may give you calcium, but your body absorbs calcium from milk better.

3. Metabolism
Conventional skim milk could strip away vitamin A, B, D and E, but fortified skim milk, which contains the same vitamins without the fat, could help boost your metabolism effectively. It would also provide you the same energy provided by a whole fat milk daily.